BRT-01 Military Beret
Military Beret 1) Major Material:92% Wool-100% Wool 2) Weight: 70 gram - 100 gram 3) Size: All available 4) Color: All available
JYSH-01 Military Canteen
The military canteen is made of durable polyethylene, and it is non metallic taste. And the cover is with high strengthen insulation material, which helps the cover keep cold or we could use a cotton layer for keeping warm purpose. 2" width loop on the back of the cover for belt attaching. The cap is conveniently attached with a lanyard, more convenient to carry. Applies to hiking, camping, and long strips..
ZSTT-01 Head Cover
Head Cover, normal fabric or Nomex can be as options, with fire-resistant function, and colors are available according to your requirements. Soft texture makes very comfortable feeling for wear.
HMJ-02 Tactical Goggle
Tactical Goggles Adopt excellent TPU material, no stimulation to face. Designed with ergonomics, and fit the face better. With excellent sponge lining inside, resist wind and sand. The gallus adopt excellent and high flexible cotton material with adjustable buckle. Apply to wear for long time outside in different weather. The lens adopt thicker PC material with anti abrasion and easy replacement. The color of the lens is available: black, yellow, clear, blue,etc. Can dealing with anti-UV, anti-fog, etc. The color of the temples is available. Can choose the coat which with belt suspension system. The coat can be ...
JG-S04 Tactical Baton
Tactical Baton Steel material Opened by the push button Weight:500g Extendable Length:51cm Retractile Length:21cm Handle Diameter:2.8cm
JG-S05 Tactical Baton
Tactical Baton Steel material Weight:480g Extendable Length:51cm Retractile Length:19.5cm Handle Diameter:2.8cm
JG-P03 Tactical Plastic Baton
Tactical Plastic Baton High strength plastic material Weight 280g Extendable Length:66cm Retractile Length:26cm Handle Diameter 2.8cm
ZSST-B01 Tactical Gloves
Military Police Tactical Gloves Cowhide or lambskin material,anti-skid and anti-impact,edurable,suitable for tactical use.Comfortable touch and cozy to wear.
ZSST-A01 Tactical Gloves
Police Tactical Gloves, cowhide or lambskin material,anti-skid and anti-impact,edurable,suitable for tactical use.Comfortable touch and cozy to wear.
FMZ-01 Ballistic Mask Face Shield
Bulletproof Face Shield, PC material, high light transmittance, non distortion, the vision is in focus and naturally. The frame: high strength metal material with high impact resistance, fixed control device, easy to install. Meet NIJ IIIA standard. Weight:1 KG.
ZZBX-02 Tactical Vest
Tactical Vest 1000D Cordura or 900D high strength Nylon fabric, accessories are from famous brands,adopting high-strength sewing technology with good quality of thread,and the heavy nylon webbing,shrink free high density mesh lining,the quality meets USA standard. PU waterproof coating. Color is available: Black White Navy Blue Olive Drab Coyote Tan Crye MultiCam ACU Woodland 3 Desert Camo Digital Desert Camo Digital Camo Flecktarn(Germany)
JYY-02 Police Raincoat
Police Raincoat 100% polyester with waterproof layer, very soft touch provides the most comfort. There is different sizes waterproof pockets design. Mesh lining, breathable and ventilated.
JG-P01 Tactical Baton
Tactical Baton Material:Polycarbonate Weight:470g Length:58.5cm Diameter:3.0cm
HXHZ-02B Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads
Tactical Knee and Elbow Pads Adopt high strength material, with thicker internal fixation screw, which can resist and absorb the impact efficiently from the outside. Supply best protection to the wearer. The back of the product adopt thicker weft and strength hook&loop. The coating is cotton or waterproof Nylon material, and the inside lining is flexible. Designed with ergonomics, attach to the all joints of the body better. Made the wearer comfortable and moving freely. The upper of the style is strength rigid material. The product can attach the brand or washing labeling. One size fits all.
FGST-01 Tactical Gloves (Cut resistant)
Cut resistant level: grade 5 Abraision resistance coefficient: grade 2 Tear resistance coefficient: grade 4 Meet EN 388 standard and Public Security Department 2006 standard. Application: It is essential self-defense products for garment processing, meat processing factory, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, construction, etc. It can be also used for the labor protection for petroleum chemical industry, metallurgical mining, metal processing, etc.
JX-03 Tactical Boots
Our military boots are made of cowhide full grain leather & Cordura with direct molded sole or cemented technology. High performance of the boots are suitable for any time either in hot summer or cold winter, and also can wear to anywhere, such as desert, jungle, etc. The sole of the combat boots can anti-slip, anti-abrasion. The insoles are breathable which can be wear for long time without flashing up odor. Different functions can be added: Such as waterproof, flame retardant, anti-splash, insulation, etc.
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