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SK-P04 Handcuff
Handcuff, ISO 527-1:2012 standard. Material: Nylon66 Length: 70cm Width: 1.20cm Thickness: 0.28cm Meet EU standard. Double roop.
FLBF-02 Police Anti Riot Suit
Police Anti Riot Suit. It consists of anti-riot suit, tactical gloves, carry bag. The other accessories can be added, such as riot -baton or riot helmet. The riot suit consists of Chest protector, back protector, shoulder protector, abdomen and groin protector, and legs and arms protector (including crotch and instep part protection). There are totally 34 plastic modules as outer protection, which adopts high strength PE fabric and deal with advanced techincs. And inner fabric adopts flame resistant nylon, with ventilate mesh liner, and also with flame resistant foam EVA and foam sponge as its cushion. And the juncture ...
JG-R12 Tactical Baton
Riot Rubber Baton. Length : 630mm. Material: Rubber. Reliable quality, exquisite workmanship. And is used for self-profection and police.
HCC-02 Tactical Pincer
Tactical Pincer: High strength steel material with rubber handle, for cutting plastic material, such as plastic handcuff.
HCC-01 Tactical Scissor
Tactical Scissor: Excellent metal material with high stregnth, one side is with a row of small teeth. Suitable for cutting special material, such as Kevlar, Aramid, cable, etc.
FLBK-05 Riot Helmet
Riot Helmet Adopting PC/ABS material as the outer shell, which has the feature of high anti-impact and anti-fraying. The color of the helmet can be shinny or matt finish. The lens adopts the superior PC material which can absorb the impact. With the thickness of 3mm, good transparent and very clear vision. The inner part is with excellent working, durable stitching. The thick cushion layer is able to provide the user the max protection and comfort when attacked by the external shocks. The internal part of the helmet is very breathable, comfortable and adjustable , with quick release system for easy putting on and taking...
FDMZ-600B Tactical Gas Mask
Tactical Gas Mask This full face mask is a multi-purpose full-face mask, which is newly designed for military,police,emergency rescue,mining industry and such those kind of environments. This full face mask has got three connecters on the facepiece so that you can choose the different connect location of canister.
FDMZ-300B Tactical Gas Mask
Tactical Gas Mask 1. Soft silica gel gas, comfortable and endurable 2. High technical prescription design, the inside view with anti-fog ability and outside with anti-friction ability 3. The two layers of silica gel edge make the mask and the face joint closely. 4. With sound-pass device, and could be matched with screw thread tie-in, and double pots filters, gas guide tube.
JGHP-01 Tactical Baton Holder
Tactical Baton Holder ABS engineering plastic for the main materail, and it can make 360 degrees rotation, very convenient to use.
JG-S05 Tactical Baton
Tactical Baton Steel material Weight:480g Extendable Length:51cm Retractile Length:19.5cm Handle Diameter:2.8cm
JG-P03 Tactical Plastic Baton
Tactical Plastic Baton High strength plastic material Weight 280g Extendable Length:66cm Retractile Length:26cm Handle Diameter 2.8cm
JG-P01 Tactical T-type Baton
Tactical T-type Baton Material:Polycarbonate Weight:470g Length:58.5cm Diameter:3.0cm
DP-A02 Riot Shield
Riot Shield It adopts high polymer engineering plastics gather carbonic acid ester (PC) as main raw materials, adopt advanced technological die casting. Having very strong resisting the assaulting, its intensity of impact is 250~200 times of ordinary glass.
FLBF-01 Police Anti Riot Suit
Police Anti Riot Suit. Adopt French composite high intensity material,with high anti-impact ability and anti-penetration. The suit includes chest and abdomen guard,shoulder guard,arm guard,knee guard,elbow guard,leg guard, and gloves.
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