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BF-T10160 TACTEX Ballistic or Stabproof Fiber


TAC-TEX has provided the fibers to different army, law enforcement and security all over the world for ballistic purpose, brought a whole new using experience for end users.

To break down the conventions that the ballistic fiber was only for bulletproof purpose, TAC-TEX also developed another functions of anti-stab and cut resistant fiber, which prevents different impact from the stabbing and cutting.

TAC-TEX ballistic fiber has been proved and respected as a kind of the most advanced and high-tech material in the world. During 20 years of practicing, TAC-TEX ballistic fiber from time to time improved the weight and performance, and from the worldwide laboratories testing, each improvement and success in technology inspire TAC-TEX to continuous doing the best for all the customers.


TAC-TEX fiber is an improved fiber with the best mechanical properties in the world. From the industrial used ropes, fishing nets, aerospace material, to ballistic equipment, TAC-TEX fiber has been proved as the most multi-purpose fiber in the world.

Based on UHMWPE fiber, with the most advanced and upgrading technology, TAC-TEX fiber has been improved greatly in its performance and weight. The appearance is a kind of piece of white thin section. Its tenacity is 15 times stronger than superior quality steel, and the low specific gravity is lighter than water. Its impact resistance properties are excellent, and its impact absorption is the most outstanding among all advanced composited fibers, such as 2.6 times higher performance than Aramid; And 1.8 times more than fiber glass. Another feature of TAC-TEX fiber is the ultra light weight, with density of 0.97g/cm2, lighter than water. And with extremely low breaking elongation rate, which made the TAC-TEX fiber in very high flexibility. Besides the extraordinary properties of high strength, lightweight and flexibility, TAC-TEX fiber also provides distinguished resistance to chemical, corrosion, and ultraviolet light. Meanwhile, it owns superior performance of abrasion resistance cut resistance, high specific energy absorption, etc.


TAC-TEX Fiber is Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber, which consists of two unidirectional (UD) - 0/90o orientation, combined with the most advantage technology, exhibiting excellent energy absorption, and also creates features of lightweight, high flexibility. This unidirectional construction allows the energy from an impact to be spread along the fibers much faster and averagely than the conventional woven fabrics. Therefore, TAC-TEX Fiber is with more advantages to make ballistic products, such as ballistic vests, ballistic helmets, ballistic shields and vehicle armor.