Brand Story


Early Stage of Business Development

The founder of Leison, Jack Jang, who was born in a town of South East China in year of 1959. Since he was very interested in machinery when he was still a child, his father brought him to a famous technical school to learn mold development and design. And Jack studied very hard, and he combined the theory with practice, and always worked and researched till mid night. Day by day, his skill was consummate. He always liked to challenge for something very difficult or impossible and he also liked to help neighbors and people who lived around him to fix all kinds problems for them. So gradually he became very famous in the town, and got many awards. By that time, the world was still not stable, he sprout the thought of investment in personal protective equipments and provide more useful products to protect the soldiers who were fighting from the war. He started to pay attention to molds for military supplies, and he found a partner who was also interested in this field, and they developed new products together, and began to produce bulletproof helmets, army tools,etc. And a lot people willing to followed Jack as his students because of his exquisite skill, and Jack taught them without any reservations, therefore they were trained to be a very skilled and professional team, which obtained high recognization by excellent and stable quality. At that time, although customers didn't very highly demand on the quality, Jack Jang always remind himself of insisting on the principle of providing excellent experience for the user. Meticulous work flows and very cautious inspection by manual, very slow but high in quality and very durable. And very naturally, it attracted a lot famous brand to come to visit and cooperate with Jack. Meantime, Breakthroughs were made when during the cooperation with one research institute for high tech fiber field technology, the achievement was used for ballistic vest and ballistic plate production, this fiber was not only in high performance but also very soft and light in weight. Owning to this advanced technology, the cost for ballistic products was also reduced by a large margin.

Leison Brand Create

Experienced a certain development, in 1995, Jack set up his own brand, Leison thus was born. Thereafter, Leison was all the time trendsetters in high technology, and Leison was dedicated to research and develop more advanced and improved products in safety and tactical field. Moreover, seeking the perfect molds, cutting and sewing, Leison brand turned into the aim seeked by more customers from home and abroad.

Leison Brand Development

Step into new centry, Leison not only concentrated on army and law enforcement products, but also extraordinary and innovatively developed Life Style safety products, which made the high technology protective products walked into thousands of homes with populist idea, service for more civilian.

International Marketing
Leison Global has set up more than ten offices in Malaysia, HK, Australia, Middle east, South Africa, Suriname, etc, it is more convenient and quicker to response to local customers and demand from different security departments, thereby we will develop the suitable products for different users.