Leison Global innovates persistently all the time to create value for customers. Through years' development, we have set up design department and sample making department, and we have our own molding workshop and metal or plsatic processing machines. We can customize make according to clients' requirements for outdoor gears.
Design department is delicated to initial stage design, through analysis customer's need, preliminarily design the product draft, then they submit to sample making department, which will improve the product rationality and validity, making the product more reasonable and comfortable for users, and upgrade customers' use practice. Meantime, through a serie tests to confirm product's final performance. Moreover, we design unique package for customers to enhance the product market value.
Currently, Leison Global R&D deparment has built up a complete research and development management  process for customers, and trained a professional and skilled team, who can rapidly and accurately design the products which meet market demand. Furthermore, we deeply research the problem faced by process of application, so that we can find a practical solution for the actual problem and improve the product.
Through the unremitting efforts, Leison Global has gained the distinctive technology and unique design, with the ability of creating the most suitable products for different customers.