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FDC-201 Fashion Protective Backpack

Fashion Protective Backpack

Material: TAC-TEX (Super Soft Series)

LEISONTAC brand's fashionable protective backpack uses light and thin materials to provide protection for key areas of the body. The concealed design gives a great sense of security and fashion. Put the bulletproof pocket in the back of the backpack. This pocket is automatically attached by magnetic force, so that the bulletproof sheet can be easily taken out. The sheet can be taken out at any time and can serve as a temporary shield. Each style can provide bullet-proof, stab-proof, cut-protection, flame retardant, and waterproof functions. More functions can be customized according to different environments and requirements. LEISONTAC's R&D team will implement the design concept of comfort, fashion and safety, and continue to provide consumers with more choices.

LEISONTAC's protective products can be widely used in personal protection, security, outdoor sports protection and other fields. Whether it is outdoor adventure, hunting, outreach activities, hiking, mountain climbing, guarding, etc., it can keep you from getting into danger at critical moments. With advanced technology and unique design, LEISONTAC's protective products will definitely be your preferred brand for personal protection.