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FR-FC21032 Fighter Pilot Coverall

Flame Retardant Flight Suit
Fabric Composition: 93%   Meta-aramid
                                  5%     Para-aramid
                                  2%     Antistatic fabric

This fighter pilot coverall is made of aramid fabric, which is flame-retardant and anti-static.

The front center of the flight suit has a double-ended aramid zipper opening, the waist and cuffs have a matching elastic band, and the bottom of the trousers has a zipper. There are a total of 8 zippered pockets on the clothes, two on the chest, two on the front of the thigh, two on the front of the calf, 1 on the left arm, and 1 on the inner side of the left thigh, for carrying daily necessities during flight and after parachuting. . This flight suit is multi-functional, multi-purpose, lightweight, comfortable to wear, easy to use, and has a small heat load.

Color:  Navy Blue, Army Green, Orange, Khaki

Purpose: This style is used for air force operations, private flights and other occasions with fire protection requirements.